Dream group as spotlights and a magnifying glass


Dreams, the works of art of nature, are best understood through united action of small-group members. Their dedicated immersion into the dream work as spotlights, illuminating the piece of art from many angles, many life experiences, revealing more complete associative matrix and societal roots of the dream than the dreamer alone could create.

When the group is focusing their mental energy completely to the dream, they function like a magnifying glass, reflecting their energies onto one burning point who is the dreamer, who, with the help of this additional energy charge, is then able to drill through the surface of the waking state, acting as a medium; as a bridge to the unknown, amplified by the group’s contribution.

If the magnifying glass is dirty; all kinds of interpretations and theories blurring it, the focusing power of the group decreases, diminishing the possibility to understand the dream.

The art of understanding dreams is not to interpret them. It is the question of setting up the non-interpretative atmosphere; the sheltered surroundings suitable for dreams to open up as flowers; giving to them their own voice instead of masking them by any outside interpretative clatter which contaminates our understanding of them as authentic expressions of our soul.