Very long time ago, when leafing through a comic book in a shopping mall waiting for my girlfriend, I suddenly got a shock because of what I saw in the book. It was the printed version of the famous movie Alien; the space monster. I suddenly understood that Alien was not an imaginary creature, but a very real living force in all of us, some of us more, some less lucky in keeping it in stalemate throughout our whole life. Nothing can be created which does not already exist in real life. Not necessarily in visible, physical life, but in real, infinite, immeasurable life. I have been afraid of Aliens ever since, in whatever shape they have happened to materialize later on.

Every monster and killer, every meteorite and earthquake in our dreams are parts of our real life. We use to consider our waking life as the standard reality, the most real of all realities. We dream of all kinds of dark forces, waking up, sighing with relief "it was just a dream", a nonsensical exaggeration, interpreted by professionals as some individual disorder. Our dreams do not exaggerate the forces inside us, but show the true intensity of them. In our waking state we cannot see them clearly through our psychological bulwark we have set up against them, underestimating their true powers. In order not to let these terrifying monsters bite their way out through our chests, we try to alienate ourselves from them, push them back in by letting the outside noises of our waking reality clog our senses. A remark “I could kill him,” said in humor in the waking state, may be transformed into a killing scene in next night’s dream, clearly revealing our emotional undercurrents. But these images do not tell only about our individual predicaments, but also about our community, about the whole mankind, about the destructive forces fluctuating through the rises and falls of cultures and civilizations millennia after millennia inside us poor little Aliens trying only to survive in this enormous, incomprehensible universe.


(On page 150 of my book Understanding Dreams - The Gateway to Dreams Without Dream Interpretation)