Montague Ullman 

The Bindelof Story

Part I (1993): Foreword, Introduction, Dramatis Personae, Roles and Relationships: Then and Now, Gilbert's Poltergeist, Early Sittings 

Part II (1994): The Period 1932-1933, Telekinesis, Psychic Photography

Part III (1994): Sittings in 1933-1934, Encounters with Dr. Bindelof 

Part IV (1995): Reminiscences 1966, 1969, 1971. Question of Fraud.  Subsequent Taped Individual Interviews and Correspondence. Personal Life Impact


From Part IV: In most of the exceptional human experiences that I have read about the transformative effect was brought about by a sudden peremptory experience. In my case it was different. The triggering experience went on for almost two years and the transformative impact rippled out over my subsequent life. It was in a sense a chronic exceptional human experience in its onset and in its transformative effect, which ran a chronic course over the ensuing six decades. It made its presence felt with each of the mysteries I encountered as my work and interests drew me to the paranormal, hypnosis, dreams and aspects of psychopathology, in particular the psychological content of the major psychoses. In each of these instances the Bindelof experience helped me eschew much of the conventional explanations in favor of a greater appreciation of the depth of our ignorance about the nature of reality.

In preparing this account I have come to more fully realize how pervasive these earlier experiences have been on my life. Getting it down on paper was a task I knew I had to do."

* * *

[see also Ullman's The World of Psychic Phenomena As I Came to Know It (1987)]